Common Natural Heritage

Our project is directed to young students interested in culture and history of other countries based on their natural heritage. Thanks to this project young people become more aware of the diversity of the European Union, their historical, cultural and natural treasures. International cooperation with other countries provides opportunities for motivating foreign language learning and for complex development of the various competences of learners. In this co-operation we’ll visit a Hungarian secondary school in April and a Polish secondary school in May, while they’ll be our guests in June. We’ve already done a lot of preparatory work to present each other the natural and cultural heritage of our regions.

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European Minority Languages

Our aim in this project is to raise the awareness of the importance of the development of language competences for fostering national identity and for the transmission of culture and tradition. We want to motivate our students to study the official minority language of their region: Swedish in Finland and Italian in Slovenia. In this co-operation a group of 10 students and 3 teachers from our school has visited a finnish school in december and we’ll host the finnish group in April. We’ve beeen working with the storytelling method – explaining the project contents through the blog of two maskotte puppets, Timmy and Drago.

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